About Us

About BizKhmer Media

Established in 2018, we are a specialized digital media agency focusing on creative and digital-driven innovative marketing & branding solutions for MSMEs in Cambodia. Video production has been regarding as one of our crucial value creation’s drivers for our key clients within these 5 years. We currently have a special band of creativity with a group of 20 energy-driven talents delivering our services to countless local and a few international firms as well.

When We Start (2015)

We initially started off with a group of four talents from different particular expertise. We selectively assembled a creative team by recruiting young talents to join the crews. We primarily focused on content writing in business, entrepreneurship, and education.

We perceived tremendous prospects in the sphere of digital marketing and advertising industry. Simultaneously, our clients asked us why don’t we launch an agency to support them more than this aside only displaying banners on www.bizkhmer.com alone that cannot help them at large. Then, we kicked off another new path to launch our new agency which was initially focusing only on Facebook Marketing. Noticing our great stamina in producing high, inventive digital contents, we took a move to incorporate a new digital marketing services, especially video production which is one of our value creation’s drivers for our countless clients.

Earlier in 2019, we started offering web design & development service to our clients. Our team also comprised of a group of top, spectacular web and mobile application developers from Cambodia and abroad in Japan. We have been offering mobile app development service to many Japanese clients. Along with that, we have been recognized for delivering SMS & Email Marketing with reasonable subscription and yielding extensive, analytical results with our SMS and Email gateways.

BizKhmer Media works with PAPER & PAGE regionally, a Thailand-based agency that the Holmes Report called one of Asia-Pacific’s best new PR consultancies in 2019.

PAPER & PAGE are the exclusive Thailand partners of mc Group, Germany’s biggest communication firm, meaning they can tap into world-class best practices and resources.

Together, they’ve supported Haier Group’s social media marketing launch in the Cambodian market and the U.S. Embassy in Phnom Penh’s “U.S. Foods Week,” promoting various American agricultural products to high-income Phnom Penhers.

They work together because BizKhmer Media deliver top-notch on-the-ground support in Cambodia and PAPER & PAGE provide best-in-class knowledge and resources.

OUR VISION is to deliver high-quality marketing communications products in native English, Khmer, and Thai to our Cambodian-market clients.